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Elevate Your Pastries

Your customers deserve the best and you deserve a wholesale partner willing to go above and beyond to support your thriving business! Squarz offers the finest gourmet pastries in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler & Scottsdale. Whether you’re a small coffee shop ready to take the world by storm or a large institution or resort, Squarz partners with businesses of all sizes.

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Squarz Advantages

  • Service: Friendly and communicative wholesale team eager to go the extra mile.
  • Premium Quality: All pastries are handcrafted using high fat European butter.
  • Customization: Can develop unique and exclusive pastries for your unique needs.
  • Experience: Wholesale is over 60% of our sales. We know how to make your experience fast, easy, and seamless.
  • Responsive: We adapt production and delivery schedules within 24 hours to meet your needs and address problems.
  • Simple Ordering: Online, email, phone or standard reoccurring orders to keep it simple and easy for you.
  • Ongoing Support: We provide continuous staff training to give your team the tools to sell.
  • Marketing: From in-store signage to digital media, we provide extensive assets and free graphic design.
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New & Expanded Food Operations?

Not sure where to begin? Steven, the founder of Squarz, has helped dozens of businesses in the Valley start and grow their food operations. Steven was fortunate to receive the support of many people throughout the journey of creating Squarz and we’re eager to pay it forward. Give us a call at 480.788.8776 and we’ll be happy to schedule a few hours to go over any questions from permitting and startup costs to equipment. There’s no obligation or expectations for using us as a supplier.

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