Squarz Bakery & Cafe

South-East Corner of Rural & Elliot

975 E Elliot Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284

480.788.8776    |    info@SquarzPies.com

Mon-Fri: 7a – 7p
Sat: 7a – 3p
Sun: Farmers Markets

Squarz was created by Steven Gerner in 2011 to mount an epic battle against bland and uninteresting food. Steven lived in New Zealand as a child and South Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer where he first encountered, then fell in love with the classic British meat pie. Upon his return to the United States, Steven sought to escape the confines of his educational background of working in a biochemistry lab and started Squarz as a fun, culinary adventure. He soon recruited Kristen Ribich to join this crusade and bring additional taste buds to the table. Kristen also lived in New Zealand as a child and embraced the concept of expanding the traditional British meat pie to new, fresh, and diverse flavors.  Together they used their passion for innovative food creations and refined palates to develop a range of tantalizing savory pies and baked goods ready to for warfare against the faction of unremarkable food.

Squarz began offering its gourmet all-natural pies and baked goods at Phoenix-area farmers markets in 2011 from which a community of fellow enthusiasts looking for delicious and interesting food blossomed. In 2015, the growing business empowered Squarz to open a full café and bakery in Tempe, where Squarz could expand its menu and its fight against mundane foods.  The Squarz café menu offers a variety of freshly-made meat pies, soups, salads, and baked items for delivery and dine-in.

As Steven, observes “Whenever you feed people, they become joyful. I love the happiness and sense of community in being able to do that!” Squarz strives to offer honest food free from preservatives and artificial ingredients and handcrafted with love =)